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Medical Wrapping Athlete's Hand

Sports Medicine

Innovative Equipment for Athletic Training Facilities

Speed, agility and power — these words don’t just describe the athletes you serve, but also the cornerstones of a successful athletic training program. Today’s all-stars are seeking the best of the best and by exceeding expectations, you can drive increased revenue and improved program recognition.

To consistently meet your top priorities, you need the support of high-quality solutions and products designed using the latest and most celebrated technology in the industry. The Dynatronics line of athletic training equipment offers solutions you can rely on to provide your athletes the efficient and effective care they need to heal fast and return to doing what they do best: winning.

Superior athletic training products designed for all-star teams. Achieve more with our fully customizable line of athletic training equipment.

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Popular Athletic Training Products

Custom Taping Stations
Custom Taping Stations

Custom-built taping stations, made to order, can help maximize space in your facility and also increase efficiency.

Solaris Plus

The Solaris Plus is the ultimate platform for delivering Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, TriWave™ Light Therapy and ThermoStim™.


ThermoStim is a soft-tissue mobilization tool that allows the delivery of heat or cold in combination with electrical stimulation—all at the same time.