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Is your hospital rehab department as efficient as it can be? Boosting efficiency improves patient outcomes and satisfaction and can even have a positive effect on reimbursements. In many cases, increasing efficiency only involves making a few changes to your.

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Poor transitions can affect every aspect of patient care and lead to medication errors, falls, infections and other problems that could jeopardize the future of your facility. If transition problems are severe and ongoing, hospitals may soon decide to recommend.

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Despite a growing abundance of good resources related to injury prevention, sports injury rehab and proper movement, there are still far too many well-accepted myths related to sports injury recovery. These myths often give physical therapy patients unreasonable.

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Any training facility is only as effective as the staff it employs. When it comes to athletic training, however, administrators make blunders that drive great trainers out the door. To retain top talent and improve your facility, avoid these seven athletic.

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Mar 8, 2017

8 Things the Best Post-Acute Care Facilities Do

Post-acute rehab is an increasingly competitive field, and today’s providers have to work extra hard to stay on top. Fortunately for patients, this level of competition has created a more patient-centered market where service and outcomes are...

Mar 2, 2017

How Can Medical Product Dealers Improve Customer Support?

It only takes one bad experience for your customers to decide that dealing with your company is more trouble than it’s worth. In fact, 60 percent of consumers have decided not to conduct a business transaction or make a purchase based on poor...

Feb 28, 2017

7 Signs It's Time to Invest in New Rehab Equipment

Just as top athletes want great weight rooms, stadiums and fields when they're choosing their schools, they also expect top-of-the-line training rooms. And coaches, strength coaches and other athletic trainers are looking for the same.


Feb 23, 2017

5 Ways Hospital Rehab Departments Can Improve Patient Outcomes

In an ideal world, every patient who enters rehab emerges stronger and healthier, fully healed and never returns for the same issue again. Although that’s the case for a large number of patients, some continue to struggle — despite the high level...

Feb 21, 2017

How Busy Physical Therapists Can Avoid Professional Burnout

Physical therapy is both a challenging and rewarding practice, and that’s precisely why you chose to pursue it as your career. You enjoy a good challenge, love the work you do and care deeply about the outcome of each and every patient. But this...

Feb 16, 2017

College Athletic Trainers: Boost Your Program's Reputation

Marketing and promotion hasn’t always been a top priority for college and university athletic training programs, but times are changing. Today’s prospective college athletes want top-notch training facilities and are willing to move on to the...