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marketing tips for chiropractic clinics
Aug 1, 2017

8 Key Marketing Tips for Chiropractic Clinics


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marketing tips for chiropractic clinics

In today’s competitive healthcare environment, offering top-of-the-line service isn’t always enough. Chiropractors and other rehab specialists are opening up shop left and right, and patients can’t possibly sample them all.

You may know your worth as a clinician, but until a patient schedules an appointment and receives treatment, they won’t know why you’re better than your competition. Following are eight key marketing tips for chiropractic clinics to help make sure prospects walk through your doors first.

1. Fix Your Website

Most small companies have websites, but if all yours features are a few simple pages about your services and education, you’re leaving business on the table. And even the best websites only last a year or two before they need a tune-up.

As you work with your web designer to spruce up your site, consider a few key questions. Does your website clearly differentiate you from your competitors? Does it speak to your target audience, be they seniors, college athletes, or general population? Most importantly, does your copy convert? Your website may offer plenty of helpful information, but if it doesn’t include a strong call to action, readers won’t fill in the contact form or pick up the phone.

2. Keep Up with Online Reviews

Online reviews can make or break small service businesses. Yelp, Angie’s List, and other review sites often are the first places people look to find a new chiropractor, and they provide goldmines of helpful feedback.

To make the most of online reviews, you’ll want to establish a presence on the major sites, responding to positive and negative feedback alike. Highlight positive experiences on your website and social media accounts, and turn bad situations around by addressing complaints.

3. Get Involved in Your Community

Local involvement is one of the best ways for rehab professionals to get their names out – particularly in active, health-conscious communities. Races, charity walks, and sporting events are ideal places to meet prospects, and offering free adjustments shows your community you care.

To make the most of your involvement, add an “events” page to your website, and highlight your activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To encourage participation, offer discounts to attendants, creating a win-win for you and the event promoter.

4. Educate Your Staff

You know your skills and services top to bottom. What about your front office staff? Walk-ins and referrals can generate a significant chunk of your business, but only if your employees know how to sell. Educate them well enough that they can help prospects make informed decisions about the services they need. You’ll make the diagnoses and recommendations, of course, but a little information goes a long way in scheduling that first appointment.

5. Stay in Touch

Touch In an industry where patients can switch providers at the drop of a hat, consistent communication is key. Don’t assume a happy patient will keep coming back; entice them through regular emails, social media blasts, and follow-up calls. From chiropractors to dentists, constant contact is common practice among successful healthcare practitioners.

6. Offer Specials

Even if your rates are reasonable, a discount could be the psychological trigger your prospects need to schedule an appointment. If your business is in a slump, try a one-time discount or half-off evaluation for new patients. If business is booming, keep it going by offering discounts to current patients for referrals.

7. Partner with Local Businesses

Cross-promotion can be an excellent way to drum up business, particularly if you’re new in your community. Consider the businesses that might have common customers with yours. Sporting goods stores, gyms, and wellness clinics are top choices, as are other rehab professionals with skillsets different from yours.

8. Invest in New Equipment

Today’s savvy patients expect their clinicians to use top-of-the-line equipment, including modalities such as E-stim and light therapy. In addition to modalities, you’ll want to make sure your treatment tables, gym equipment, and other basics, are clean, up-to-date and in working order. Your office provides patients with their first impression of your professionalism, care, and attention to detail, after all.

Staying Consistent

Ultimately, consistency is more important than any one marketing method. Small businesses and solo practitioners often struggle with a feast-or-famine business cycle, but it can be avoided with consistent, proactive marketing. As long as you’re regularly getting the word out about your services, your practice will grow fast and stay busy.

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