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Sep 26, 2017

5 Questions to Ask a Post-Acute Care Rehab Equipment Provider


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As a leader in the long-term post-acute care space, you know the value of maintaining a good reputation. After all, you’re competing with dozens of other facilities in your region and you know referral hospitals only want to work with the best of the best. Failing to achieve positive outcomes not only affects your patients and their families — it also affects your bottom line. You know you need to consistently exceed standards for your business to continue growing and succeeding. So when it comes to selecting rehab equipment, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision.

Whether you’re outfitting a brand new facility or making upgrades to an existing space, determining how and where to buy equipment can be challenging. To help simplify this process, here are five questions to ask a potential rehab equipment provider.

1. Do You Provide On-Site Training?

It doesn’t matter how highly-rated or revolutionary a product is, if you and your team aren’t provided with proper training you likely won’t experience outcomes you’re paying to achieve. When you invest in a new piece of equipment, be sure the provider will send out an experienced trainer to demo the product and ensure all your staff’s questions are answered. Your provider should also offer routine training to ensure everyone is well aware of how to best use the device or technology. After all, the performance of your rehab equipment can make or break a relationship with a referring hospital.

2. How Do I Contact You If I Have Questions?

The only thing more frustrating than running into an issue with your rehab equipment is spending the better part of a workday waiting on hold for assistance from the manufacturer. When you work with a rehab equipment manufacturer, they should offer quick and thorough assistance whenever you need it. Whether it’s a question about a feature or a potential malfunction, a great provider is available when you need them most. Before you begin the relationship, determine how you will be able to contact them and whether or not you will be able to access one single point-of-contact.

3. What Are Your Warranties?

When you’re dedicating a significant chunk of your quarterly budget to a piece of equipment, you need to know you won’t have to shell out the same chunk of money next year should something go wrong. Before you spend a single dime, compare the warranties offered by providers. When you choose the product you want to purchase, make sure the warranty is crystal clear.

4. Can You Provide Reference from Other Customers?

Be wary of rehab equipment providers that can’t provide references. If the products and service are as stellar as claimed, they should be more than willing to share references from other post-acute care facilities. If they can provide contact information for happy customers, that’s even better.

5. What Can You Offer Me that Competitors Can’t?

Every rehab equipment provider has a competitive advantage, whether it’s a patented and cutting edge technology, five-star customer service, better value or all over the above. If a provider’s only advantage is a lower price, it may be time to look elsewhere. While price is important, quality and service should always rank paramount.

As a post-acute care leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure every product your company invests in supports your facility’s objectives. By choosing a trustworthy rehab equipment provider, you can ensure you’re able to provide the top quality care hospitals, and patients, expect.

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