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May 4, 2017

Rehab Equipment that Top Post-Acute Care Facilities Use Most


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rehab equipmentIn the competitive healthcare marketplace, it’s more important than ever to ensure your post-acute care facility outpaces other facilities in your area. If you don’t have the latest rehab equipment, you may lose prospective patients and notice a decrease in hospital referrals. However, using high-quality machines can help your facility improve its ability to attract and keep patients.

Here are five of the most popular types of rehab equipment used by post-acute care facilities.

1. Training Stairs

A simple staircase can offer significant benefits for a patient recovering from surgery, a stroke, or another type of injury or accident. Walking on training stairs provides an anaerobic workout, helps patients become accustomed to using the muscles involved in walking again, and improves gait and balance. Training stairs feature wooden steps, non-slip treads and handrails, and can be adjusted to different heights.

2. Light Therapy

Light therapy provides a temporary increase in blood circulation, and can provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness. It can also encourage the relaxation of muscles, and be used for the treatment of muscle spasms and minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Small handheld devices easily target problem areas and relieve pain with cold, heat, and electrical stimulation. Some machines, like the Dynatron Solaris Plus 705, offer the ability to deliver combinations of blue, red, and infrared light and provide large dual light pads, in addition to smaller probes.

3. Recumbent Stepper

Stair steppers have been used for years to help patients regain strength, improve cardiovascular health, and increase endurance.

Unfortunately, patients who have issues with stamina or have joint conditions often can’t use this type of rehab equipment. Recumbent steppers allow these patients to enjoy all the benefits of stair steppers from a seated position. They’re ideal for obese patients, elderly patients, or those who are just beginning their rehab journey. Most recumbent steppers are low enough to allow easy access from wheelchairs.

4. Tilt Tables

True to their name, tilt tables gradually move from a horizontal to a vertical position while patients are safely strapped to the surface of the table. Both crank and electric versions of the tables are available. The tables can help patients who have been bedridden get used to standing again without dizziness.

Other benefits include improved bone density, joint health, and better endurance. Tilt tables are very helpful in improving outcomes for patients with spinal cord injuries because they reduce pressure sores and spasticity, prevent contractures, and improve urinary drainage.

5. Shortwave Diathermy

Do you use ultrasound to heat muscles before treatments? Although ultrasound is an effective option, it does have some limitations. Because sound waves only penetrate shallow muscles, deeper muscles may remain stiff despite ultrasound treatment.

Shortwave diathermy offers a more effective option. Thanks to high-frequency electromagnetic energy delivered in continuous or pulsed waves, heat reaches deep muscles and tissues. It’s an excellent modality for reducing pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. The treatment is particularly effective when used before beginning treatments that involve stretching or joint mobilization.

Looking to outpace your competitors? Adding this rehab equipment to your post-acute care facility’s physical therapy arsenal can help improve outcomes, strengthen your relationships with referral hospitals fast, and help you achieve your goals fast.

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