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Jan 31, 2017

3 Things You'll Find in Successful Chiropractic Clinics


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It’s often the little things that convince people to choose one chiropractic clinic over another. An unpleasant conversation with a brusque receptionist, a negative online review or chiropractorconcerns about dated equipment can be all it takes for a patient to decide to visit another chiropractor. Unfortunately, once a patient leaves, they tend to not come back. Keeping existing patients and attracting new ones will be much easier if your office offers these three things.

1. A Warm Welcome

Unfriendly or irritable employees, no matter how good they are at their jobs, can drive patients away. Successful clinics make sure that every interaction, from the first telephone call to the visit itself, is positive, friendly and professional. Questions and concerns are taken seriously, and patients aren’t made to feel as if they’re imposing on the staff.

A little customer service training can be a good investment if you’re looking for ways to differentiate your clinic from your competitors, even if you haven’t noticed any overt issues. Although you keep up with the latest chiropractic treatment advances, your staff may not be very familiar with newer treatments. An informal information session will increase their knowledge and make it easier for them to answer basic questions about the treatments you offer.

2. The Latest Technologies

Imagine walking into your dentist’s office and seeing equipment that looked as if it hadn’t been replaced since 1970. You probably would be more than a little concerned and might wonder if your dentist was well-versed in current treatment options.

Your patients may have the same reaction if you don’t offer new chiropractic technology or use equipment that’s showing its age. Do your services extend beyond manipulations and heat packs? If you don’t offer massage therapy, light therapy, electrical stimulation treatment and other innovative treatments, and your competitors do, you’ll give patients no choice but to visit other chiropractors.

The more services you offer, particularly high-tech services like light/laser treatments, the better. You may even be able to find machines that perform more than one function. For example, the Dynatronics Solaris Plus has both light therapy and electrical stimulation settings.

3. Focus on Comfort

When was the last time you sat in one of the chairs in your waiting room? Are they comfortable enough for patients who arrive at your clinic in pain? Comfortable furnishings and equipment not only make your office look up to date, but also enhance the patient experience.

Do your patients ever mention that they’re afraid they’ll fall off your tables? Investing in well-padded, wide tables can help them feel more secure. Since vertical lifts, drop features and tilt functions often make it easier to perform adjustments, your patients will benefit when you upgrade your tables. Plus, you’ll be less likely to experience back pain if you don’t have to bend to reach patients.

Chiropractors at the most successful clinics know that focusing on an exceptional patient experience is the key to maintaining and growing their businesses. By emulating their approach, you can reap the same benefits.

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