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Jul 5, 2017

10 Things You’ll Find In the Top Chiropractic Clinics


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Today’s patients are more discerning than ever. With more people taking control of their own health, most chiropractors get more walk-ins than physician referrals, and patients are quick to compare the clinics in their locales. Word-of-mouth travels far, too, and with the ability to read reviews at the click of a mouse, both good and bad experiences can impact your bottom line.

Fortunately, patents’ savvy and shopping habits will work in your favor, if you have an inviting clinic that produces results. Here are 10 things you’ll find in the top chiropractic clinics. If you can check off every item on this list, you’ll be well on your way to success.

1. Inviting Atmosphere

Customer service is key, no matter what industry you’re in. Do your patients feel welcome when they walk through your doors? Do your receptionist, décor, and lighting put them at ease? A bad first impression will hamper even the best chiropractor, but a good first impression will bring people back time and again.

2. Comfortable Amenities

Many, if not most, of your patients are coming to you because they’re in pain. Your job is to make them feel better and that starts the minute they walk through your door. Your seating, climate control, and even noise level should make them feel comfortable — certainly more comfortable than they were on the drive over. Ultimately, helping them relax before a session begins will also make your treatments more effective.

3. Quality Equipment

You don’t need a laundry list of equipment to be a successful chiropractor but the pieces you do have should be of the highest quality. Patients want to see sturdy plinths, working traction tables, and well-stocked supplies. Great equipment will make your work more efficient and effective, and it conveys professionalism to prospective clients.

4. Cutting-edge Modalities

Likewise, you’ll need to invest in the latest modalities if you want to provide the most complete, up-to-date care. Manipulations may be your bread and butter, but are you offering E-stim, ultrasound, and light therapy? These high-tech treatments are the perfect complement to your manual work and prescribed exercises.

5. Effective Techniques

With the rising popularity of both chiropractic medicine and physical therapy, more patients — athletes, in particular — are learning about the many treatment techniques available. From FMS to McKenzie to ART and Graston, you’ll want a wide repertoire of tricks up your sleeve. If you haven’t already, consider investing in the continuing education courses necessary to offer these and other techniques.

6. Skilled Clinicians

A referred patient may take their physician’s word, but walk-ins want to know about your credentials, experience, and specific skills. Make sure your diploma and certifications are clear to see, and advertise your experience with specific conditions and patient populations. Experience is particularly important if you want to specialize in working with athletes, seniors, or other patient populations.

7. Reasonable Fees

As a skilled professional, you should be well-compensated for your time, but unrealistic fees will keep otherwise willing patients from coming back. Insurers aren’t usually required to cover chiropractic care, and many of your clientele will be paying out of pocket. To create a more sustainable business, charge reasonable fees and generate repeat business with a focus on preventive care.

8. Great Reviews

Prospects won’t necessarily find your reviews “in” your clinic, but if they look online, they should be able to find plenty of great testimonials from current and former patients. You can’t generate these reviews yourself, of course, but you should monitor what people are saying online and adjust your services and fees if necessary.

9. Community Involvement

Community events are excellent opportunities to showcase your skills and passion for patient care. Seek out charity runs, marathons, CrossFit competitions, and other sporting events in your area. A weekend spent volunteering and mingling could generate months’ worth of business.

10. Patient-centered Care

Finally, what patients want to see most is a focus on them! As in other healthcare professions, some chiropractors can get lost in the details of treating muscles, movement patterns, and conditions — not people. To set your clinic apart, stay focused on patient-centered care, and always strive to help patients reach their goals.

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