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Jun 7, 2017

Using Technology to Attract and Keep Physical Therapists


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physical therapistIn just seven short years, the demand for physical therapists is expected to increase dramatically. This is due in part to the greater number of baby boomers staying active later in life and it means that physical therapists — especially those who excel in their profession — can pick and choose their next place of employment.

You already know your rehab department or practice is one of the best. You’ve got a great staff, you offer patient-centered care, and your patients are satisfied. You may have even used these physical therapy recruiting techniques to hire great therapists.

You’ve got all of your recruitment ducks in a row, but have you considered the role technology plays in the recruitment and retention of top talent?

Here is how using technology to attract and keep physical therapists can benefit your practice.

Offer the Most Innovative Technology

While physical therapists mainly use their eyes and hands to diagnose and treat patients, technology can help therapists reach better outcomes faster. Not only that, innovative physical therapy technology can improve patient engagement. Think of technology like electrotherapy: It has proved to prevent disuse atrophy, it offers temporary relief from pain, and it maintains or increases range of motion.

When evaluating new technologies, don’t just consider the technology itself. Also look at the manufacturer. A better-quality product may cost more upfront, but it will be worth it in the long run because that piece of equipment will last longer, and if you choose the right manufacturer, dependable training and support to backup your investment.

Provide Regular Training

Whether you’ve invested in the latest piece of innovative technology or you want to educate your staff on new developments or techniques with your existing equipment, offering regular training for your staff allows them to retain and expand their skillset. The opportunity to build on their skillsets is an attractive benefit for therapists evaluating an employer and lets your current staff know you value their professional development.

Better Connect with Patients

Many private practices and rehab clinics have problems with patient retention; they struggle with patients who attend the first therapy session — or a few follow-up sessions — and then stop coming. Keeping patients engaged and regularly attending their sessions can be frustrating for therapists who often find it difficult to keep in touch with patients when they’re not in the clinical setting.

Using technology like apps can help your staff and patients track their treatment success, view exercises, and easily communicate with each other outside appointments.

Your practice or clinic is well-established with a happy client base, and by adding innovative technologies and the appropriate training to expand the skillsets of your therapists, you can retain and attract top-notch talent.




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