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Chiropractor working on patient

Chiropractic Industry

Popular Chiropractic Products

Solaris Plus
Solaris Plus

The Solaris Plus is the ultimate platform for delivering Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, TriWave™ Light Therapy, and ThermoStim™.


ThermoStim is a soft-tissue mobilization tool that allows the delivery of heat or cold in combination with electrical stimulation—all at the same time..

Zimmer Medizinsystems
enPuls – Radial Pulse Therapy

The enPuls offers an effective alternative for treating chronic soft tissue pain.

Opton Pro
Zimmer Medizinsystems
OptonPro – Laser

The OptonPro has 7 Watts (7,000 mW) of peak power to offer clinician’s faster treatments and an optimal depth of penetration.

Access 4-section
Access 4: 4-Section Traction Table

Designed as a basic height adjustable Traction Table with the flexibility to be used as an extra Treatment Table.

Dynatron SmarTrac

The SmarTrac is a new generation of traction units offered by Dynatronics.