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The Power of ThermoStim

The patented Dynatron ThermoStim Probe, an optional accessory to the Solaris Plus, is a soft-tissue mobilization tool that also allows a practitioner to deliver heat to enhance the effects of warming the fascia and soft tissue during treatment. Plus, the ThermoStim offers cold therapy in combination with electrical stimulation to provide desensitization and increase comfort to the patient while significantly reducing treatment times.


Improving Outcomes

The ThermoStim is an optional accessory to the Solaris Plus. The Dynatron Solaris Plus© is the No. 1 choice trusted by leading clinics, hospitals and athletic training facilities. See Solaris Plus in action and discover the power of electrotherapy, TriWave Light and ultrasound in the palm of your hand.


  • Target Temperature can be reached in less than 60 seconds: heat (112° F max) or cold (35° F max)
  • Multi-surface head with edges and corners optimizes ThermoStim transfer and tissue mobilization

Experience the Ultimate in Soft-Tissue Mobilization with Stim, Heat, and Cold

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ThermoStim Probe

Product code: #DTSP1