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Physical Therapist with Patient

Physical Therapists

Innovative Equipment for Physical Therapy Practices

As a physical therapy practice owner, you’re focused on three things: growing your business, staying ahead of the competition and, most importantly, offering patients the best possible care. You know your practice’s continued success relies on your ability to exceed these goals.

The key to meeting all three of these objectives is investing in top-quality, innovative physical therapy equipment that lasts. The Dynatronics line of rehab equipment for physical therapy practices offers solutions designed especially for dedicated physical therapy practice owners seeking to provide better outcomes, increased efficiency and a positive patient experience each and every time.

Better-quality physical therapy products. Improved patient outcomes. Discover the equipment leading physical therapists trust to set their clinics apart.

Physical Therapist with Patient

Popular Physical Therapy Products


This recumbent stepper provides a linear stepping motion and is ideal for stroke, knee, hip and post-surgical patients.

Solaris Plus
Solaris Plus

The Solaris Plus is the ultimate platform for delivering Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, TriWave™ Light Therapy and ThermoStim™.

Hi/Lo Treatment Table
Hi/Lo Treatment Table

While sturdy and elegant, this multi-functional table is the most popular 3-Section Hi/Lo table on the market.