DynaHeat® Custom Terry Covers (Foam Filled)

MODEL #: TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4, TC5, TC6

Easy, more effective, hot pack treatments. Available in durable, machine-washable all-terry, quick-drying, economical foam-filled styles. All terry models constructed with 6 layers of insulating terrycloth. All covers feature hook and loop closures to secure hot packs inside the covers.

Part ID Product Name
TC1 Stndrd Terry Cover Foam-Filled 10X28
TC2 Stndrd All-Terry Cover 10X28
TC3 Cervical Terry Cover Foam-Filled 9X26
TC4 Cervical All-Terry Cover 9X26
TC5 Oversz Terry Cover Foam-Filled 24X32
TC6 Oversize All-Terry Cover 24X32

How to Buy

As a manufacturer, Dynatronics only sells to Medical Dealers.
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