Dynatron® TX900+ Traction System

MODEL #: TX900+

The 900+ traction unit provides up to 200 lbs. of traction tension force. Simple operation for both intermittent and static traction. Push button controls for adjusting hold and rest times as well as treatment time. Hold and rest traction forces are controlled by easy adjusting knobs. Adjustments in time and force may be made at any time and will be updated when the “start” key is pressed again. Adjustable speed. 1-year warranty.

Part ID Product Name
TX900+ Dynatron 900+ Traction System
TX900HS Hand Screws For Tx900 Set Of 4
TX900RS Remote Stop For Tx900

How to Buy

As a manufacturer, Dynatronics only sells to Medical Dealers.
Please contact us to find a local dealer.